State Trail Bike Strategy

The State Trail Bike Strategy has been developed to identify the issues surrounding the use of trail bikes in metropolitan and regional areas and to propose recommendations for change that will address the needs of trail bike riders, land managers, residents and other stakeholders involved in this issue.

The Draft Strategy was released for Public Comment in December 2007 and the feedback received was incorporated into a final release document that was published by the Department of Sport and Recreation in 2008.

A Joint Agency Implementation Committee (JAIC) was established with representatives from the major government agencies.  The recommendations were costed in 2009 and will be presented to Cabinet in the second half of 2010.

There are currently three documents available for download:

Executive Summary: 9 page Overview (PDF 3.1Mb)

Strategy Overview: A 19 page summary listing all recommendations (PDF 450 Kb) 

Strategy Report: The full report, including all Appendices (PDF 4.7Mb)

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